Shanghai Tongya chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd, the former Shanghai Tongya Fine Chemical Factory , lies in Jinshan Zhuhang Town of Shanghai . With a convenient location, our factory contains 1,500 square meters, of which the workshop holds 1,200 square meters.

Our factory was established in February 1992, and mainly deals with the production of chemical reagent, light magnesium oxide, anhydrous magnesium sulfate, strontium carbonate, manganese carbide, ammonium chloride, magnesium acetate magnesium nitrate, boric acid, magnesium hydrate, manganese binoxide, boron trioxide, ammonium sulfide solution and etc. Equipped with a strong technology power, advanced production equipment and techniques, the complete inspection method and strict quality control system, we have formed our own quality assurance system for nearly one-decade experiments.

With the new condition after China entered into WTO, we set up our direction method as "good credit, honest and steady, mutual development. For a better business and more brilliant future, we are expecting the cooperation with friends and customers domestic or abroad.

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